Oliver Hess

Sales Associate | Realmark Coastal In 2016, Oliver started working alongside renowned coastal agents Sean & Jenny Hughes, where he is able to utilise his exceptional client service skills and experience in building relationships. Oliver is passionate about people and their journeys through real-estate, and works diligently to make the process of buying and selling as easy as possible.

Oliver is an ambitious, honest, compassionate, and hard-working agent with the initiative to perform pro-actively, which makes him a perfect fit for the industry.


Together they have achieved: - Realmark's #1 Principals 2006 - 2018 - 2017 REIWA Grand Master - 2016 REIWA Grand Master - 2016 REIWA Top Salesperson by Auction Listings Sold - 1st place - 2016 REIWA Top Assisted Salesperson by Value Sold - 3rd place


Mobile: 0478 844 311
Email: ohess@realmark.com.au

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