Preparing your home for sale

What you can do to help:
There is no denying that there are little things that you can do as a seller to enhance the desirability of your home to potential buyers. We are all about selling your home and, in particular, the lifestyle of your property, so let’s do that together! Here are some things you can do to prepare your home for inspections:

Clean up!
As self-explanatory as this may be, buyers pick up on the cleanliness of your home and can use it as a gauge to figure out your treatment of the home and how worthy you must think it is. Do a quick sweep before the inspection, and dust any items that might easily collect dust (e.g. tv cabinets, book cases, mirrors).

Too much of everything creates a busy, distracting first impression, and too much “stuff” makes your home look smaller. It is much easier for buyers to picture themselves in your home when the décor and furniture is simple, and when there is less of it. Instead of 5 cushions on your lounge, cut it back to two; instead of 30 little family photos on the wall, pack them away and replace them with one piece of artwork – it will make your house look and feel bigger, and will give buyers the impulse to imagine themselves and their furniture in the space!

Keep the smells at bay...
First impressions are a key memory for prospective buyers, and the closest sense linked to memory is smell. Keep the smells at bay in your home by lighting your favourite candle for the inspection, or do a quick walk through the house spraying an air-freshener. If you have pets, keep them outside in the days leading up to the inspection. And if you really want to woo your buyers, bake a loaf of bread or a cake prior to the house being opened! The smell of freshly baked goods will have them coming back again and again!

Make it bright!
One of the most common forms of negative feedback that we receive from buyers is “too dark” or “lack of natural light”. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, open your curtains. All of them. Even if you never open those bathroom blinds or the louvres along your back patio, do it for your inspections. Natural light is an attraction for buyers; let them see how bright your home is!

Calm, Cosy and Comfy
Making your home comfortable, especially on that very first inspection, will entice buyers to fall head over heels! Buyers want a house that makes them feel relaxed and happy, so help them to feel content when they are coming through your home. Play some low-key mood music and try to keep your home at a snug room temperature using cooling or heating.

If you need help to achieve any of these points, let your agent know! We will be very happy to provide a candle or play some music for you. If you have any queries or need to know anything further, get in touch; we will be very happy to hear from you in preparing your home for sale!